Top 5 Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners


Top 5 best drawing tablets for beginners- Review: This set has all the best features you would need in a drawing tablet. The iPad mini is enormous portable, and the battery lasts about a week on a single charge. You can find on any tablet the 9.7 inches retina display of this device. It has the sharpest, highest quality pixel resolution. The Apple Pencil is one of the most polished and comfortable pens you could find. It’s a great metal tip it is more comfortable than previous pens and has a different sensitivity label.

This colorful version of the One Note app is great for art school students and doodlers. The apps allow you to easily create drawings, add notes and photos, and share your work with others. It supports more than 500 different art styles.

Why should you choose the Drawing Tablet?

Top 5 Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners

Many digital artboards come with software drawing application that supports layers and let you import pictures but not necessarily. The best tables also have some extra features like the ability to scale your graphics. And the ability to draw on top of it, so no extra copying is involved.

If you plan to use a drawing board for commercial purposes then images quality is very important. It’s quality can be easily a determining factor for many people. And it’s also an important factor if you plan to share your work with others. Tablets like the Wacom Cintiq 2520 are a big step up in picture quality compared to budget-friendly models like the Cintiq 21UX or Mezzo T205.

Important of drawing tablet

Many artists are afraid of using a tablet, and in my experience, some bad comments can ruin the whole tablet experience for new artists. If you are new to drawing you may want to start something much cheaper, even a cheap notebook or pencil case that you can count on.

But if you are an experienced artist. Or about a student at school, you should look for something more advanced. So, here are the top 5 Best drawing tablets for beginners that I have researched and tested, so you can be sure that you will get a great result and experience.

Best drawing tablets: A list of our best choices…

Honestly, when I started working on a drawing tablet. I thought I would have to spend a lot of money to get the best.

1. Huion Kamvas 22

Top 5 Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners

The Kamvas 22 is equipped with an adjustable stand that can be moved between 20 and 80 degrees, allowing you to reach the most comfortable position working. The USB A port can be used to connect external devices such as a keyboard and USB flash drive. You can draw with Kamvas 2 in any creative program, including illustrated, Photoshop, Painter, SAI, Krita, and Mediband.


  • Benefits from the PW517’s enhanced Capacitive Pressure Sensor, making it responsive to every pen movement with virtually no lags, thanks to Huion PenTech3.0 technology.
  • The shorter pen nibs and firmer nibs allow the pen tips for bouncing back only slightly, improving accuracy and reducing offset.
  • The PW517 gives the most accurate and natural pen performance, with 8192 pressure level, tilting response, and lag-free tracking.
  • The immersive 21.5 inches big screen with 1960×1080 full HD quality display creation in stunning details.
  • Glare and distracting reflect are reduced by the pre-applied anti-glare layer.
  • The scratch-resistant surface has a more durable feel to it.

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2. Wacom Cintiq 16

Top 5 Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners

The Wacom Cintiq is a pen display of allows you to visualize your thoughts on a display. This drawing tablet with a display has a high resolution (1929×1080) and a responsive Pro Pen 2. It can effortlessly connect to your Mac or PC through USB, a simple 3 in 1 cable. It is a graphics tablet display which you can really on the day in and day out.


  • It’s an economical pen that gives the greatest natural drawing experience possible, thanks to its remarkable precision and low profile.
  • The 1920× 1080 resolution of 15.6 inches Cintiq monitors allows you to view every part of your work in high definition. The scratch-resistant, anti-glare surface minimizes distraction and reflections during construction.
  • See the work in beautiful colors on a Cintiq high-resolution display 16.7 million colors, bits, and 72% NTSC/Cie1931 standard). Work as long as you want with the battery-free pen that screens while you create.
  • Connect to the computer with the handy 3 in 1 HDMI connecting cord and modify your working posture with the folding legs.
  • A manufacturing warranty is only valid if the product is purchased via an authorized reseller or Amazon.
  • Learn 3D sculpting with 3 months of brush 2021. Or create comics, manga, concept drawing, or illustrated with 6 months of clip studio paint EX to improve your digital art abilities.

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3) Huion Kamvas 13

Top 5 Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners

The Huion Kamvas 13 is a low cost graphics monitor with a completely layered screen, seamless glass and screen, and minimum parallax. It’s1920 × 1080FHD screen 16.7 million colors, 120% RGB gamut, and 178 viewing angle can display every aspect of your creativity on the screen. A USB extension cable is supplied to allow you to extend the connection to your computer device by 1.2 meters.


  • The Huion Kamvas 13 is an affordable drawing monitor with a fully layered screen, seamlessly combining glass and screen, with accurate pointer placement and minimal parallax.
  • Featuring a 1920 x 1080 FHD screen with 16.7 million colors, a 120% sRGB gamut, and a 178 viewing angle, it can display every detail of your creativity on the screen.
  • Android Devices Supported: The Camvas 13 Pen Display is compatible with Mac and PC, as well as Android mobile phones and tablets via a full-featured Type-C cable (not included).
  • Even when the computer isn’t available, you can take it somewhere to record your inspiration.
  • The Kamvas 13 can be easily powered by a laptop running at 5V or more via the included HDMI and 2 USB 3 in 1 cables.
  • USB extension cable is included to extend the connection 1.2 metres to your computer.
  • The battery-free Huion PenTech 3.0 is optimised with capacitive pressure sensors and fixed stylus tips to give you the most natural. And that is highly sensitive drawing experience, such as using a regular pen.
  •  8 left-handed operation hotkey designed to be customised as needed.
  • It is dedicated to simplifying your workflow and building your ideas faster which is more efficiently.
  • Compatible with Windows7 or later, macOS 10.12 or later, and Android devices.
  • You can draw with Kamvas 13 on any creative software, including Illustrator, Photoshop, Painter, SAI, Krita, Medibang, and more!

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4) VEIKK VK1200

Top 5 Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners

This graphic tablet with screen features. It is a very ergonomic and convenient working background full screen with ultra-narrow borders, so it’s smaller than a typical 11.6-inch drawing monitor. The battery-free pen gives you the ability to work without any recharge. Display Mac10.12 or higher, compatible with Windows 10/8/7, and Linux operating systems.


  • The VEIKK VK1200 Screen Drawing Tablets have a completely encased screen that flawlessly blends glass and screen.
  • The active area of the VK1200 is 11.6 inches, and it has an anti-glare layer that protects the screen from scratches while providing a real paper-like sketching experience.
  • A 1920 x 1080 HD IPS graphic display with a 120 percent sRGB gamut
  • The battery-free pen on the VK1200 computer graphics tablets has 8192 levels of pressure and can tilt up to 60 degrees.
  • In various applications, you may set up to 6 hotkeys based on your sketching habits.
  • The VK1200 pen display screen is small and stylish, with a full-screen design that is entirely infinite, virtually without framing.
  • This drawing monitor, which has the same 11.6-inch active surface, is smaller, elegant, and portable.
  • The VK1200 graphics tablet sports an all-metal frame and an anti-slip design on the rear to improve the drawing experience.
  • The VK1200 Graphics Tablet with Screen comes with two pens for a longer working period, as well as an extra 28 nibs for the pen, an artist’s glove, a pen holder, and a clean cloth, among other things.

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5. GAOMON PD1561

Top 5 Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners

This tablet has 15.6-inch Full HD IPS display with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. And it’s a color gamut of 72% NTSC. Such as zooming in and out, scrolling up and down, and more. To save time and speed up your work efficiency. Compatible with most drawing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip Studio, Lightroom, Sketchbook Pro, FireAlpaca, OpenCanvas, Paint Tool SAI2, Krita, etc.


  • Full HD IPS monitor, 15.6 inches, with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 (16: 9) and a 72% NTSC color gamut, giving you a colorful artistic creation world.
  • Report Rate: 233PPS, View Angle: 178°, Display Area: 344.16 193.59mm (13.5 7.6 inches).
  • It’s battery-free Pen AP50 adopts battery-free electromagnetic resonance technology, and there is no need to charge or replace the battery, making sure you work long hours without thinking the pen is out of power, which is eco-friendly. Moreover, there are eight replacement nibs inside the pen holder.
  • This pen has an 8192 level pressure sensitivity and a 60-degree tilt function (60 degrees tilt recognition from all sides), allowing you to draw precise and smooth lines while making digital.
  • The PD1561 has 10 programmable express keys and 5 menu buttons on the left side.
  • Working with laptops or desktops running Windows 7/8/8.1 or later, or Mac OS 10.12/13/14 or later; compatible with most painting software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip Studio, Lightroom, Sketchbook, Krita, and others.

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The best drawing tablets have a wide range of drawing applications, much like the best drawing tablets in general, but they all have strengths and weaknesses. Tablets like the Sony SABER XL and Voyo VEGA6416V have long battery life and an easy-to-use drawing app for beginners, but they lack digital ink and Photoshop features. Meanwhile, powerful and expensive drawing tablets like the Picasso SP-M9028AKJ have great screens, an abundance of drawing applications, and powerful digital editing tools, but not practical for anyone else.

Some premium tablets have become popular with artists, thanks to their insane processing capabilities and wide color palettes, but they can also be quite expensive.

Drawing Tablets by Platform

The most popular drawing tablet platform for artists is Apple, although others are gaining popularity. Although all drawing tablets run a Windows or Mac OS operating system, most sales come from iOS.

Pros and Cons
If you want to start drawing digitally on a tablet, it is important to compare a few different models to see which one is right for you. The best thing is to try each tablet with different graphics and do a little research. Each of these models has pros and cons and you want to make sure the device is right for your needs. Read on for our top five picks, a brief overview of each, and our testing process.


We tested five different drawing tablets from different manufacturers to see which one is best for beginners. Tablets with multiple drawing modes, built-in flash for notes. And great drawing apps are great options for beginners. It’s looking to dive straight. However, we have also tested the low-end tablets in the market and found. It does not offer much in terms of features or accuracy.



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